Review: Free Cosmetology Practice Exams Online

Are there any free samples of practice cosmetology exams online to prepare for the written state board cosmetology test? The answer is YES! But not very many…

Number One:

Website Title: Online Cosmetology Practice Exam Test Free Sample Exams Tests

Search Engine Description: Practice for your cosmetology licensing exam -review and unlimited attempts, plus Free Sample Exams.

Review:There are actually 7 free sample cosmetology exams immediately available on this webpage. Each free sample cosmetology test has 10 questions. So, you can actually access 70 cosmetology multiple choices questions and answers for free on this site (and you don’t have to talk with any sales people or tutors first!). These questions are from actual subjects that will probably be on most state board written exams! The free samples are on the following cosmetology subjects: Anatomy and Physiology; Chemistry; Hair Cutting and Styling; Hair Coloring and Texturing; Nails, Skin, and last but not least Trichology. The site also offers a la carte’ exams starting at $5.99 and up. Total Unlimited Access to all exams on this site is only $29.99. (as of 10/27/2012). I say WOW!

Other sites that are affiliated with this one are (and they ALL have FREE samples):

Barber Exam Practice – over 1,200 questions for $27.99

Esthetician Exam Practice – over 1,000 questions for $25.99

Nail Technician Practice – over 800 questions for $22.99

Natural Hair & Braiding Exam Practice – 70 free sample questions and over 700 questions for $20.99

California Cosmetology Exam Practice – over 1,700 questions for $35.99

The free beauty quizzes are fun, informative and challenging, too.

Search Engine Keywords: free cosmetology exam samples

Result from keyword search: This site is honest about offering free samples. Quality multiple choice questions are available immediately without a download to your computer and without having to speak with a sales person first. My top pick.

Number Two:

Website Title: Cosmetology

Search Engine Description: The Cosmetology Exam Mode contains 9 simulated practice exams. The software randomizes the… FREE 3 Day Trial Download! Try it before you purchase…

Review: There is nothing deceptive in this search engine result. What you get is a free three day trial version of their cosmetology practice exams. I think that is fair and reasonable. The purchased version is downloadable to your computer and costs $19.95. (as of 02/20/2010). My second pick.

Search Engine Keywords: free cosmetology practice exam

Result from keyword search: 3 day free trial

Number Three

Exam Review for Milady’s Standard Cosmetology 2008

Review: Well, I did not actually find a third website that really did offer a free online cosmetology exam or sample or free trial. However – If you would like to see what the Milady’s book Exam Review for Milady’s Standard Cosmetology 2008 looks like, (it doesn’t cost anything to look) then you can visit the above link and consider purchasing this book. I have had this book in my hands. For those who need something in print – this is probably the way to go. There are 124 pages of multiple choice questions and answers taken from the Milady’s curriculum. Price: $26.82 new, or buy it used and save.

Not Free?

Website Title: Cosmetology Exam Flashcards Raise Cosmetology Test Score Results…

Search Engine Description: Proven Cosmetology Exam flashcards are guaranteed to help raise your score… the Cosmetology Exam Flashcard Study System and free Cosmetology Test sample…

Review: When doing a search on Google with the keywords – free cosmetology exam – you may find this site. However, after searching the content of the webpage, I could not find a single free cosmetology test sample as stated in the description of the search engine results. They do offer cosmetology flashcards for $39.99 (as of 02/20/2010). Which I do think is a great idea. I didn’t buy the flashcards, but maybe you would like to give them a try?

Search Engine Keywords: free cosmetology exam

Result from keyword search: Did not find a free cosmetology exam or exams

Not My Choice:

tutorvista .com/search/free-cosmetology-practice-exam-online

Website Title: Free Cosmetology Practice Exam Online |

Search Engine Description: Jim and his classmates practice basketball 21 hours a week. Find the number of hours they practice each day, if they practice the same number of hours each…

Review: This webpage has the words – free cosmetology practice exam online – in its title. The search engine description I found on 02/20/2010 (above) didn’t have any reference to cosmetology at all. In a search box on the webpage link there are the words – free cosmetology practice exam online. But there are actually no free cosmetology practice exams on this webpage! You can connect to an online tutor according to a big blue button toward the top of the page. If you type a question to the tutor then you will be redirected to a new page where you will be asked for your name. You will also see a BIG red subscribe button to your right on that same page. I didn’t want to get involved in a recruiting chat with a tutor and spend my valuable time subscribing to something (most likely a tutoring service) just to find out if they really have a free cosmetology practice exam online. Anyone else want to give it a try?

Search Engine Keywords: free cosmetology practice exam online

Result from keyword search: Found a page to connect to a tutor, which takes you to another page with a big subscribe button. That’s as far as I got.

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